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Q: My delivery address is outside Europe, can I order anyway?
A: Yes, please place your order, for counries not listed we will contact you with more information about the best possible shipping rate.

Q: Can I order in foreign currency other than EUR?
A: Yes, you can order in, GPB and USD – make your choice in the top menu bar

Q: How quickly will my order be dispatched?
A: within 2 (two) working days subject to unforeseen circumstances

Q: I regret my purchase, can I return the product?
A: Yes, you can. For details please see our  our return policy and our general terms & conditions

Q: What are your shipping and return conditions?
A: See our separate page with shipping and return conditions

Q: Any question unanswered?
A: Please email us at: sales@lordlou.com or give us a call on +31 (0)23 547 87 47

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