Ascot Collar (Orange)

Ascot Collar (Orange)Ascot Collar (Brown)
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Product Description

Lord Lou’s hunt for the perfect dog collar and lead resulted in a collaboration with one of the best ateliers in France, where experienced craftsmen make high leather accessories for the equestrian world.

We succeeded in creating a beautiful lead and collar that consists of three layers durable saddlery leather and soft padded inside made of the finest glove leather.

And to be honest, some dogs just don’t suit other materials than beautiful leather! They require the best you can find.

-Made in France
-Hand made from durable saddler leather from France
-Saddle-stitched by hand for strength
-Each collar consists of 3 layers of the finest leather
-Vegetable-dyed for the coloured ones
-The holes in the collar are reinforced with nylon to avoid stretching
-The collar sizes S, M, L & XL are softly padded with super soft glove leather and reinforced stitching throughout, to protect your dogs neck from rubbing and irritation
-Solid nickel hardware

Neck Size (cm)
XXS. 20 – 24,5 cm
XS. 24,5 – 29 cm
S. 29 – 35 cm
M. 35 – 41 cm
L. 41 – 48,5 cm
XL. 48,5 – 56 cm

Neck Size (Inch)
XXS. 7,9 – 9,5 inch
XS. 9,5 – 11,4 inch
S. 11,4 – 13,8 inch
M. 13,8 – 16,1 inch
L. 16,1 – 18,9 inch
XL. 18,9 – 22 inch

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