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Hitchcock and the Sealyham terrier

hitchcock and terrierWhen Hitchcock met his first Sealyham terrier , it was the beginning of a life-long love affair.  Sealyhams are now very rare, but at the time they were still known as tough working dogs used for hunting and ratting.

“Although the Sealyham might have the wit and courage to hold a badger at bay, he was also a very charming fellow to have at dinner.” Harry Parsons, the founder of the Working Sealyham Terrier Club, said, “They make great companions, and the way they bond with their owners is almost magical.”

Hitchcock and his Sealyhams were inseparable in daily life and in his movies. His covert cameo appearances include one in ‘The Birds’, when he exits a pet shop with two Sealyhams on a leash.

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