Lord Lou

Ascot luxury Dog collar and lead

Lord Lou’s hunt for the perfect dog collar and lead resulted in a collaboration with one of the best ateliers in France, where experienced craftsmen make high leather accessories for the equestrian world.

We succeeded in creating a beautiful lead and collar that consists of three layers durable saddlery leather and soft padded inside made of the finest glove leather.

And to be honest, some dogs just don’t suit other materials than beautiful leather!
They require the best you can find.

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As we all know in the world of dressage and jumping, products must be both strong and beautiful to ensure a top position in the game.

At Lord Lou we spotted the close connection between both dogs and horses with humans.
This was a perfect match for our newest luxury dog collar collection

Our design team started the search for the perfect collaboration.

After visiting many horse riding  events we finally found a compatible partner with whom we could start developing the perfect dog collar.

The relationship grew fast and it was clear we had the same vision in designing beautiful products.


What makes the perfect luxury dog collar in our eyes?


-A timeless design

-It should be made out of the finest materials

-The product should be hand made

-It should be comfortable to wear

-It must be made with love!

Why not give this product as a gift?

As most of our products, the Ascot dog collars and leads are also packed in a beautiful gift box.

Our dog collars and leads are individually packed in soft cotton bags and placed in a classy black gift box.

Ensuring for a delightful unpacking experience.

Making this item ideal to give away as a present  for someones new family member, their birthday or even for your own dog’s birthday!

Also don’t forget it is also ideal to put under this years Christmas tree!